Shakti Singh

Co Founder - CMO

Shakti Singh is a Co-founder of crazy holiday who is functional in the travel domain since past 15 years. He has an incredible travel experience of cultural, topography and wildlife diversity by excelling specialization in all the spheres of tourism. He spell bounds in executing and strategizing plan that works wonders in setting a benchmark from 50 lakhs company to 1000 cores sound brand. He takes pride in escorting travel hearts to discover the new horizons by planning trips to set forth and meet destination in person. He provides specially curated holiday packages to clients by focusing on developing a secure, advanced and scalable technology infrastructure on the whole. He offers a comprehensive range of travel-related products and services catering to the needs of passengers traveling domestically, as well as traveling to and from international destinations. He provide the customers with various tools and information that they need to research, plan, book and purchase travel products and services in India as well as outside India. Shakti Singh works diligently and relentlessly round-the-clock to design the best travel experiences for the customers by delivering a high level of scalability and innovation. With his intellect, experience and work-transition, he is well-versed to take you to places you want to visit, making every step of your journey safe, comfortable and truly enjoyable. He is well-aware of the places you want to visit and knows exactly how to make your journey memorable. His core strengths lies in providing customer centric approach, entailing the option of no-convenience fee. He has expertise in consistent track record of financial and operational performance with lean and cost efficient operations. With the implementation of artificial intelligence he connects travellers with the best in the industry travel experts and agents, making their travel dreams cost-optimal and finding new and exciting destinations to explore. His mission and vision is to give you a seamless holiday experience by nurturing his brand as one of the leading tour brand in India. He offers you the prerogative to pick and choose anything that matches your interest. No matter how many travel experiences he sell every day, he ensure that you are the protagonist of your own travel story. He swears by the theory of keeping his customers happy and hence keep throwing surprises at them in the form irresistible discounts and offers from time to time. He offer best discounts on his best-selling tour packages to customers who choose his impressive services time and again.