Rupali Issar

Founder - CEO

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” The passion to see places far and wide and explore every bit of it till it satiated my soul led me on a never-ending quest for travel. As I travelled across India and many parts of the world, I realized how every experience did not just bring momentary happiness but also enriched me and left behind a lasting impression. As Jack Kerouac once said- “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing your lawn. Climb that damn mountain.” Eros Travel was started in 2008 with the vision to help people come out of the mundane and climb those mountains. Our expertise in this industry set the foundation to provide thoughtfully-designed & qualitative services so that our customers could experience and explore their favourite travel destinations with awe & wonder. More value is delivered by making personal visits to the latest travel destinations and gathering in-depth knowledge about their routes, budgets, stays, places of interests and more. At every step of the way, customer and their preferences always remains the focal point of our tours, ensuring them more comfort, greater excitement and a treasure-trove of memorable experiences. With time and deeper understanding of customers across various walks of life, I innovated an array of new travel products to match their varying needs and budgets. This included introduction of Religious Yatra segment for the pious and devoted Indians, the biggest achievement being widely- admired travel packages to the Amarnath Shrine. Photography Tours in India was yet another dream package initiated to attract foreign travellers. It has successfully attracted thousands of foreigners and helped them get rare and desirable insights into various large-scale events organised by the Indian government as well as capture picturesque landscapes of India. I am very proud to launch my latest initiative- Crazy Holiday Membership- to offer one-of-its-kind budgeted membership plan for travel loaded with attractive vouchers. The first such package to be introduced by a travel company, it will allow travellers to choose their destination & stay as per their convenience on their preferred date. Today, we serve travel lovers across various consumer segments across the world including Leisure Travellers, Honeymooners, and Religious Travellers through tailor-made tours and packages. We have also been catering to the travel & event needs for prestigious Schools and Corporates including the German School, Redington India Pvt Ltd and IBM. It has been a fulfilling and rewarding journey so far. Moving forward, we aspire to change the travel landscape in India at a rapid pace through innovation, customisation and creating incredible experiences.