Woodstock Resort in Naldhera

Woodstock Resort in Naldhera

Date: December 13, 2021

Woodstock is a 14 room quaint property close to the Naldehra Golf Course, surrounded by thick cedar trees at a height of 7000 feet offering a very comfortable stay and delicious food and snacks. All rooms are Valley facing and come with a double bed, 7″ spring mattresses, LED TV with cable, Intercom, Attached bathroom, Hot ‘n’ cold water, unlimited supply of oxygen!


Woodstock, Naldehra is a home away from home!! Wake up to a crisp morning and then choose your day. A walk through the majestic cedars, hearing their whispers, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, a hike through the hills, a packed gourmet picnic, a visit to the surrounding villages, teeing off at the golf course, a rejuvenating nap in your room, snacks or meals in the balcony area, the perfect cup of tea or coffee anywhere you wish, a smile, a giggle and warmth of our hospitality even on a bleak day that sees no sun….come and sink in the silent splendor of the resort that welcomes you into its fold and soothes your ruffled spirits.


If you are a camera enthusiast, then Woodstock, Naldehra offers you breathtaking views of the sunset every evening.  From the chirping of the birds at the crack of dawn, the breaking of light between the lofty mountain peaks at a distance, the glow that emanates from the sun dappled , whistling deodars, the dew that kisses every blade of grass before the harshness of daylight makes it mingle with the soil, the occasional monkey swinging from a nearby tree, the trails that call upon your wanderlust, the winding roads that make you feel good to be alive , the tiny streams and rivulets claiming their space through the dense forests, stretches of the valley that make you wonder why you are wasting your life closer to sea level when you know that the rise in altitude will strike a chord in your being and make you see the planet the way it was meant to be seen till man ravaged it and the untrodden paths were mowed down….these are all testimony to the fact that the Shimla, Mashobra and the Naldehra stretch will make you want to come back for more. Let Woodstock be the place where you kick off those sandals, inhale deeply and finally realize you have come home.


woodstock resort naldehra to naldehra airport distance

4 hr 20 min (142.2 km) via NH 5

2 min (1.0 km) via SH 13 ( railway station distance) !